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The troubles they might get you down, if you get lost you can always be found

Pertinent rules for basketball, separated by the NBA rules (which are more lax and forgiving) and FIBA rules (which are not). FIBA is what Japan uses for their rules.

Game Length 4 12 minute quarters 4 10 minute quarters
Time between quarters Q1-Q2 & Q3-Q4 2 minutes, 10 seconds Q1-Q2 & Q3-Q4 2 minutes
Half-time Length 15 Minutes 15 Minutes
OT Length 5 Minutes 5 Minutes
Number of Personal Fouls 6 5
Shot Clock Time 24 seconds 24 seconds
Shot Clock Reset Ball touches rim Ball touches rim
Back Court Violation 8 Seconds 8 Seconds
Time Outs Allowed 6 60 seconds, 1 20 seconds per half 1 60 seconds in first 3 quarters, 2 60 seconds in 4th quarter
Who Can Call a Time Out? Player with ball Coach on a dead ball

Modified from here.
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Everybody get up, it's time to slam now, we've got a real jam goin' down

If you are not paying attention to Kuroko no Basket, feel free to skip this post because I will be talking about things that are only really interesting to me. XD;;


So, for the past... month? two months? I've been trying to work out Teikou's plays and positions. Some are pretty obvious, while other's aren't. What I'm really trying to puzzle out, though, is how a team of five individuals can beat an actual team every time. I know that the Miragen are supposed to be ridiculously amazing and what not, and that's sort of the point of the series, but. Anyone who watches or plays basketball knows that you need to have some element of teamwork, unless you're playing 1-on-1, which I think was probably what the Teikou strategy was. (Reminiscent to the chapters where Kagami and Aomine went at it while the rest of the teams just... sort of hung out on the side.)

Anyway. Positions. There are five positions in basketball for offense and five for defense. With Teikou, I'm assuming that their typical defense strategy was man-to-man, so there's really no need to diagram that.

Half Court

Now, this is what a half-court looks like (when drawn by me, so please forgive the lack of spatial accuracy. And the horrid blocks). The orange line with the circle in the middle of it at the top is half-court. The circle is where the tip off occurs at the beginning of the game and at the beginning of half-time.

The Five Offensive Positions

At the top is the point guard (PG or 1). This is the play maker/strategist. This is a beast of a role to play because you have to be aware of the entire area and every player. Hilariously, this is usually played a shorter player.

To the left of the PG is your shooting guard (SG or 2). This is your best shooter. Usually, they have fairly consistent accuracy with outside shots.

To the right of the PG is your small forward (SF or 3). This is usually your best driver and your strongest all around player - they can make shots from the outside, they can drive into the paint and score, they can shoot from the top of the paint... Basically, they can shoot anywhere.

On the bottom left is your power forward (PF or 4). They play a similar role to the SF and the center but down at the bottom of the key. They are the bread and butter of shooting from the inside and in the middle range. (Incidentally, this is the role I played.)

On the bottom right is your center (C or 5). This is usually the tallest player and a beast in the paint and at the bottom of the key. They make your backboard layups, as well as do the rebounds and put backs.

Teikou - Before Kise

Before Kise joined up, it was pretty obvious who played what: Akashi was the PG, Midorima the SG, Aomine the SF, Haizaki the PF and Murasakibara the C. Pretty simple and easy. Each fits the roles perfectly. (I'm aware Kuroko isn't here... I'll get to him.)

Teikou - After Kise

Now, I have Kise as the SF here because of his play style, and it's more than likely that he and Aomine (who I have as the PF) were switched around at Akashi's discretion. Aomine likes to make his fights up close and personal, so realistically, PF or SF are both positions he could play, but, from canon, he likes to drive, and as PF you don't have many opportunities to do that.


Kuroko is interesting. He doesn't fit any of the traditional roles. A good passer would generally be at the top of the key in the PG position when necessary, but Kuroko doesn't possess the basic skills necessary. His dribbling is crap, he can't shoot from inside, let alone the outside, and he doesn't drive (until Seirin, but this is Teikou). The best position for him, then, would be SF, but he doesn't stay in the general range. He's all over the place, so a different type of play would have to be adapted for when Kuroko is on the court.

So yeah. Of course, this is all speculation, but I thought it might be helpful to... someone? Maybe? And if I used any terminology you don't know or understand, let me know. I'll explain it. (I may make a term post later.... >.>)
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It's for the best we get our distance

Once upon a time, I used to offer drabbles/fics around the holidays. Now, considering how much of a procrastinator I am, and the fact that I have a hard time writing anything that doesn't inspire me, I'm still working on requests from 2009.

Needless to say, I shall not be offering drabbles/fic this holiday season.

However, I am doing another Advent Calendar this year, which I haven't done since 2008. (This year's theme is Hikaru no Go.) I am also offering holiday cards - simply leave your name and address in the screened comments below.

Now, I'm also going to do something a little different this time around. Instead of offering my writing, I'm going to offer graphics. I'm not sure how many people are aware of this, but my graphics journal, [community profile] cloudy_graphics, sort of went up a little while ago. I haven't really done any real sort of advertising for it, nor have I really been letting people know it's around, but I figure that it's probably time to do so. Which reminds me, please watch the comm if you want to see when I update (y'know, if you want to...).

So, check out the Advent Calendar, drop me a comment for a card, and mosey on over to [community profile] cloudy_graphics to request an icon or FO image or banner of any sort (feel free to let other people know; I don't have a problem making requests for people I have yet to meet ♥).

This is my way of saying "happy holidays" and to try to ease myself back into the fan community, as I've been a lurker for far too long.

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you and i get so damned dysfunctional we start keeping score

Totally late to the party, but hey, at least I showed up! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my newest blogging thing (because I'm trying to live up to the more activity thing):

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

What is this, you ask? It's an excuse for me to spam the hell out of your friendslist, that's what. This is a challenge that asks people to blog about 100 things - it can be any topic, it can be a mix of things, whatever. Just blog 100 things.

To cut the spam on your reading page/f!list, I'm going to do 20 posts of 5. (The first one will be forthcoming soon. Like, in the next two hours or so.) And my topic? Books, Movies & Shows! please note: shows can be TV shows, anime, or stage.

So, join me as I inflict my peculiar, eclectic taste on the world. ♥ Also? These will be public posts, so feel free to point people my way. I'm all for intelligent debate on things, but keep the wank in your room.

disclaimer: if there is anything trigger-y in any of the recs, I will make an effort to post a note about it at the beginning of the entry; the synopsis and reviews themselves will be trigger free, though.
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And she'll take all you ever had

Just a quick PSA: I've gone through and unfriended a few people and communities. The reasoning for this is pretty simple:

• I'm rarely ever on LJ, so I'm just cluttering up people's profiles
• I don't really post about fandom anymore, and there are a lot of people that I have fell out of contact with, or only knew through fandom, and I don't feel comfortable talking about personal matters with since I hardly know them
• We no longer share fandoms
• You haven't updated in over a year

If I've unfriended you, please unfriend me as well. If you feel like I have cut you unjustly, or you think you might want to be friends outside of fandom, let me know. I'm all for re-evaluating. If you're only here for the fic, I'm over at AO3. Please follow me there.

For everyone who has been cut, it's been a blast. ♥ I wish you all the best things ever in life and fandom.
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once upon another time

Deathmatch is over, and I can finally do my own reveal. And if you haven't picked me out, yet, I am going to be so severely disappointed in you. Seriously. So, for those who haven't yet guessed, I was kyoji kagami.

Collapse )

That all being said, I want to thank everyone who read and voted and participated, especially my team, because they were awesome. ♥
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Dear NPT Author~

Dear NPT author,

Hi! How are you doing? Hopefully, you're nothing like me, because at this point, I would be flailing and freaking out about what I'm going to write. Well, fortunately, I'm here to make things easier for you. Or more difficult, depending on your definition and whether or not I can be coherent enough to put my thoughts into words.

Let's take it request by request, shall we? Take what I say with a grain of salt, unless I say I don't like it. These are just things I'd love to see in fandom in general.

First, we have Hikaru no Go. This is a fandom that is very dear to my heart. I'm a generally common participant on blind_go, so I have read fantastic fics for this series before. I'm sure you're up to the challenge. ♥

The characters I have requested are Ashiwara Hiroyuki, Saeki Kouji, Hong Su-yeong and Ko Yeong-ha. I am not adverse to relationship fics; in fact, a whole lot of the Ashiwara/Saeki fics out there belong to either me or my wife. ^^;; That being said, I also really enjoy introspection fics. I want to know what makes the character tick. Why are they playing Go? How do they react to Touya Kouyo's second heart attack? What is their family dynamics like? Do they have siblings, or are they an only child?

In regards to relationship fics, I cannot deal with Yeong-ha/Su-yeong as a pairing, but as a close friendship... That's different. My preferred pairing for Yeong-ha is Yashiro, but he's not on the list, so. With relationships, even close friendships, there are different things I want to see. With Saeki and Ashiwara, how does Saeki deal with his relationship and Morishita's study group? Does he tell Morishita-sensei? Does he keep it a secret? How about Ogata? What troubles does Ashiwara have to face if/when Ogata-sensei finds out? Su-yeong and Yeong-ha... How does their friendship start? Does Yeong-ha tutor Su-yeong before he becomes pro? Are they introduced by An Taeson? Or perhaps they're getting ready for an international tournament, and someone that Yeong-ha is interested in is going to be there, and he needs Su-yeong to play translator?

Possibilities are endless. Mostly, I just want something new that hasn't been done before, something with depth. Hell, it could even just be one long scene for all I care. ♥

Next, we have Dragon Age. The characters I've requested are Hawke, Anders, Shale, and Zevran. I've played all of the games, including the DLC, so I'm good with whatever. I have a few nitpicky things, though: first, I don't like female!Hawke, unless she's with Isabela. Anything that has to do with the end of II that has Anders regretting what he's done is a no no. Whether or not Justice was the main motivating factor is irrelevant; he made a choice, and the Anders I love doesn't regret it. Zevran the indiscriminate man-whore is a disservice to the character. Hawke/Merrill. Enough said.

Now, onto what I like. I love Awakenings!Anders, and think it would be hilariously awesome if he met Zevran. Perhaps the Warden Commander was in a relationship with Zev in Origins, and Zev comes to visit. Or anything with Ser Pounce would be lovely. One of Zev's Antivan Crow assignments would be fantastic, or exploring his brief time with the Dalish. Shale. Shale is fantastic and awesome and anything with Shale post-Origins would be absolute love. Perhaps her trip to Tevinter with Wynne. Did they succeed? Hawke is a special one. There are different aspects to each relationship (except Merrill) that I love, but I like m!Hawke/Anders best. F!Hawke/Isabela is nice, as well, and Hawke/Fenris is... okay so long as Fenris doesn't act all moody the entire time. Mostly, though, I love Hawke's relationships with Varric and Aveline. The friendship between them is one of the things that makes the game for me.

Now, we're on to Yami no Matsuei. Characters here are Tatsumi Seiichirou, Watari Yutaka, Muraki Kazutaka, and Mibu Oriya.

I'd really like something on why Watari doesn't have a set partner. XD Maybe they couldn't take the experiments? Or 003 kept getting jealous. Muraki... What was he like before Saki? Was he always this screwed up, or did Saki screw him up? What is his relationship with Oriya? Is it a relationship of equals, or does Muraki hold all the cards? With Oriya... Why does he stay? Was being owner of the club what he really wanted? Or did he not have a choice? Tatsumi is probably my favorite character, and I'd love to see how his relationship with Tsuzuki breaks. I'm not a fan of the Tatsumi/Tsuzuki pairing, so I'd rather see the partnership itself. What was the final breaking point?

Pairings I like are Muraki/Oriya and Tatsumi/Watari, but aren't necessary. I'm a fan of conflict in these relationships, though.

So, that's it. Hopefully, I didn't make things harder for you. ^^;; I'm sure I'll love whatever it is you end up writing for me, anyway. ♥ After all, I love all three fandoms in different ways.

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Why do they keep trying this?

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Here's their next move: The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, or CISPA, would obliterate any semblance of online privacy in the United States.

And CISPA would provide a victory for content owners who were shell-shocked by the unprecedented outpouring of activism in opposition to SOPA and Internet censorship.

The House of Representatives is planning to take up CISPA later this month. Click here to ask your lawmakers to oppose it.

SOPA was pushed as a remedy to the supposed economic threat of online piracy -- but economic fear-mongering didn't quite do the trick.

So those concerned about copyright are engaging in sleight of hand, appending their legislation to a bill that most Americans will assume is about keeping them safe from bad guys.

This so-called cyber security bill aims to prevent theft of "government information" and "intellectual property" and could let ISPs block your access to websites -- or the whole Internet.

Don't let them push this back-door SOPA. Click here to demand that your lawmakers oppose CISPA.

CISPA also encourages companies to share information about you with the government and other corporations.

That data could then be used for just about anything -- from prosecuting crimes to ad placements.

And perhaps worst of all, CISPA supercedes all other online privacy protections.

Please click here to urge your lawmakers to oppose CISPA when it comes up for a vote this month.

Thanks for fighting for the Internet.

-Demand Progress