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and the sky slows for love ♥
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My personality type: the individualistic doer

The Battle‘s Done
Sherri [pronounced sharee] // 25, girl-thing, language freak. Is married to Maaya. Really. Writes fic, makes so-so icons, reads. A lot. Is a glorified data monkey and kid watcher. Does not need your omg!internet drama. Likes animanga, worships CLAMP, Kelley Armstrong, & Laurell K Hamilton. Hates vegetables. Journal is Friends Only.

You can find me over at Dreamwidth here

And We Kind of Won
I mod Dimension Shop, a CLAMP fic exchange that is mostly defunct. It may or may not be revived in the near future.

Fan fiction prior to November 2011 is located at Paradox Fantasy, a community that is shared with Maaya & Sonia. As of November 2011, all of my fics (old and new) are over at AO3.

You can find my icons & various graphics at Cloudy Graphics, but please be warned that it is not up and running, yet. Don't worry: you'll know when it is.

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, and the songbird flees, bespectacled bastards beware, clamp, get doumeki a bento, hikaru no go, kakei+yuuko+doom, time jumps are win, xxxholic